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From: Jon Portnoy <avenj@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RFC: Niches and new developers (especially xbox)
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 17:48:35
1 Three developers were recently requested from recruiters for an official
2 Gentoo on XBox effort that would be more Gentoo-oriented than the
3 current GentooX effort ( (Two of them have
4 no visible prior contributions.)
6 I'm looking for comments on what, exactly, constitutes a platform worth
7 recruiting developers for. I like to be extremely careful when selecting
8 new developers both to keep the bar set high for developer status and
9 for security reasons (every new account is a potential attack vector,
10 especially when you consider that a developer's box could be compromised
11 and used to get in), so I'm very inclined to reject requests for new
12 developers who will only be working on a very small niche like XBox
13 support (especially when it's really just embedded x86 and it seems
14 like there wouldn't be too much maintainance work involved). I would
15 also be inclined to reject developers for, say, m68k.
17 What do you guys think?
19 (Also, can someone detail for me what, precisely, would need to go into
20 the tree for XBox support?)
22 --
23 Jon Portnoy
24 avenj/
26 --
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