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From: Spider <spider@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Developers beware.
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 23:33:36
1 okay, I hope I'm not breaking news here about the win2k source code
2 leak. However, I also hope that you all display enough common sense not
3 to download it, even if you just want to gloat a bit at the comments.
5 The vision of a set of cute lawsuits (SCO style) from MS targetted at
6 various OSS/FS projects with a wide range of assaults, where the
7 evidence is simply ISP logs showing an IP downloading said source is
8 pretty frightening.
10 Imagine the reprecautions for projects like
11 Samba, Gnome, KDE, and other technologies that can be seen as
12 "infringing" on some of MS turf. Its an easy, blunt lega weapon to weild
13 against whole projects, stating that all progress past this point is
14 only because you copied MS sources, weilding a large batch of patents,
15 tradesecrets and copyright infringement claims and slamming large and
16 wide.
18 please, dont fall for the temptation.
19 //Spider
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25 See Microsoft KB Article Q265230 for more information.
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