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From: Mart Raudsepp <leio@g.o>
To: gentoo devs <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RFC: lzma tarball usage
Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 13:24:09
Message-Id: 1210166592.19574.10.camel@localhost
1 Hello,
3 Over the course of this year, a lzma-utils buildtime dependency has been
4 added to a few system packages, to handle .tar.lzma tarballs.
5 This has huge implications on the requirement of the system toolchain,
6 which is highly disturbing from a minimal (lets say embedded) systems
7 concern - lzma-utils depends on the C++ compiler and the libstdc++
8 beast, while a minimal system would like to avoid this at all cost.
10 I do realize one would remove build-time dependencies and the toolchain
11 on an embedded system on deployment anyway, but this means gcc USE=nocxx
12 USE flag is pretty much useless, while it would be nice to use it to
13 ensure that nothing sneaks in during development that depends on the C++
14 standard library easily instead of finding things break later.
16 This is a plea and also a request for comments on the matter of
17 using .tar.lzma tarballs or not, and for what packages this is
18 acceptable and for what not.
20 I'd be happy if some other unpacker is used than lzma-utils - one that
21 does not depend on libstdc++ - I'm sure it can be done, heck it's done
22 in integrated form in some other projects in less than a couple
23 kilobytes of code for the unpacking from a VFS. Meanwhile please
24 consider using the upstream provided .tar.gz tarballs instead and not
25 roll patchsets in .lzma just cause you can.
27 coreutils and linux-headers come to my mind out of system packages right
28 now. I'm sure more dragons await me.
31 --
32 Mart Raudsepp
33 Gentoo Developer
34 Mail: leio@g.o
35 Weblog:


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