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From: Benno Schulenberg <benno@××××××××××××.nl>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] status of
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 22:56:57
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] status of by Curtis Napier
1 Curtis Napier wrote:
2 > I'm especially interested in feedback from anyone who uses
3 > accessibilty programs such as screen readers or if you are color
4 > blind or have any other accessibilty issues.
6 Not being blind or otherwise visually handicapped, but I use rather
7 large letters (18 pixels), do not use the entire screen width for
8 the browser window, and like to keep the monitor at low brightness
9 levels. This means that indeed the green in the top bars is too
10 dark to read. And that this green line wraps. And the text in the
11 blabla-bar ("Portage: an easy to use...") flows out of its box (see
12 the pngs). This is both in Konqueror and in Firefox. In Konqueror
13 alone the "Design by" in the bottom line wraps, and the little
14 green arrows in the menus at the bottom are missing, which makes it
15 hard to see that "Name/Logo Guideline" is a single entry.
17 What I dislike most is that the links are always underlined. I've
18 got my browsers configured not to underline links, and now this new
19 Gentoo style sheet forces these underlines.
21 The blabla-bar is unneeded, in my opinion it takes up too much
22 space, it makes it look too much like a commercial site, and it
23 makes the overall page too dark. Better make the menus that now
24 sit at the bottom of the front page sit at the left. The little
25 pictures in those menus are not needed, especially since the one for
26 Resources is incomprehensible. The infinity sign at the top
27 doesn't look enough like two O-s, and what is it supposed to refer
28 to? Better use two plain O-s, and make them bend just a little
29 toward each other.
31 Benno


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