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From: Benjamin Coles <sj7trunks@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ATTN ALL DEVS
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 21:34:13
1 To all Gentoo Developers,
2 In hopes of better organization and we've decided to label
3 projects and subprojects to get a better feel of whats going on. We're
4 lacking because none of the developers are signing up to their respected
5 herds, so in hopes to sort this out, we're approaching this from a
6 different angle. Paul de Vrieze and I are currently collecting data from
7 all the developers such as personal info, project info, and other various
8 info. Who will this information be available to? Anyone in your
9 herd/project plus senior level management along with gentoo Infrastructure
10 team... we are managing this data after all. Some of this information will
11 be public which I'll sort out below. If you have any questions about who
12 will see or what you want to fill out, feel free to email me. The photo's
13 you can send me much later, for now we're just trying to fill in the
14 blanks. Hopefully we'll have a system you can submit your own pictures.
16 What I need from you?
18 Public Information
19 Alias
20 First Name/Last name
21 Email@g.o
22 Date Joined
23 Birthday
24 Country
25 Passport type photo: optional - size 140x100
26 pgp key - optional
27 Alt Webpage - Optional, personal, nothing incriminating
28 Project/Herd - If you have yet to join one, you can include a description
29 - of what you're doing
31 Private restricted to Dev only information
32 AltEmail
33 personal picture - what you would like to have on GWN if you're featured
34 430x334 - gives you some warning=) Optional
36 Private restricted to Management only information
37 Snail Mail Address
38 Phone
39 AltPhone
41 This information should get the ball running on a lot of higher up
42 projects, or so we should hope, Email me this information at your
43 discretion so I can populate the database.
45 -------
46 Thanks,
47 Benjamin Coles
48 Gentoo Infrastructure
49 sj7trunks@g.o
52 --
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