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From: Benjamin Coles <sj7trunks@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 00:58:50
1 First off I'd like to thank the current 31 developers that sent in their
2 information. It seems that there are some growing concerns about data
3 management and such, things I have not encountered before sending out the
4 last email. Right now I am the holder of this data, no one else can see or
5 get it and it's not in any database. I will not put any of this into the
6 database unless I know myself it's secure. The current ideas for xml
7 doesn't seem to be possible and so far we're thinking of having a database
8 and a webpage for devls on one server and have an anonymous account
9 allowed to only view the public information parse hourly to an xml form.
10 Birthday will be moved to developers page, I thought it would be
11 neat to make announcments on a dev page about whose birthday it is, the
12 purpose of this was not to get personal and exploitable information... it
13 is just a better way to document things and in the event of a developer
14 wanting to apply for a job, it would be rather nice if you could claim all
15 your sweat and hard work on gentoo. A Senior Dev. or even a project lead
16 could answer that call. This would explain why the senior management would
17 have your private info such as mail/phone/altphone. You're alternate email
18 is just in case a server goes down and we cannot reach you via forward.
19 I also understand that some people might be intimidated by the
20 recent request for email, some may be even angry in this cause. I will say
21 again though this is all at your will and consent, if you don't want to
22 include it certain fields that is fine. The reason why I requested this in
23 the first place is to jump start a bunch of projects that are at a
24 standstill.
26 Thanks,
27 Benjamin Coles
28 Gentoo Infrastructure
31 --
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