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From: Alex Alexander <wired@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] bugs.g.o - Bugzilla4 testing
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 18:01:08
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] bugs.g.o - Bugzilla4 testing by Christian Ruppert
On Sun, Mar 06, 2011 at 05:31:43PM +0100, Christian Ruppert wrote:
> Our bugstest setup is now public and can be found at [1] or [2]. > If [1] doesn't work use [2] because the DNS changes I made may take some > hours to reach everybody.
Nice work :) Thanks for taking care of this.
> Some notes: > 1. SSL is enabled by default now, so it's forced. Unfortunately the > option to force SSL *only* for logged in user is no longer available in > Bugzilla-4.x. It has been added in early 3.x AFAIR and later replaced by > forcing SSL at all or not. > If *anybody* can't use SSL for any reason please yell so that we can > decide if we leave it as it is (plain + encrypted) or not. > > *Bugmails are disabled*. All accounts (The DB is a few weeks old) from > bugs.g.o should work on bugstest as well. If you're new, your account > doesn't exist already and you're really interested in testing the new > Bugzilla then please poke me either by mail or IRC (#gentoo-bugs, > #gentoo-infra or #gentoo-dev). > > There are *no* attachments currently to speed up the conversions.
Can we have support for multiple attachments in a single upload?
> All custom/Gentoo patches will be available *later* in a git repo[3]. > So if you'd like to fix something or improve the theme you can > contribute patches.
Great, I'd like to tweak the CSS a bit.
> Thanks to Alex Legler (a3li) for the Bugzilla theme. > > Also you need to decide which icon we should use. > The current one[4] or this one[5]. The first one also looks good with > other themes than the "Gentoo" theme.
I like the second one a bit more, but both are fine. I've made a slightly better version of the one with the white background [0].
> I'll try to migrate our current bugzilla-2.x as soon as possible to 4.x > as everything should work and as I have more "free" time than usual > right now. > It is *possible* that we migrate even tomorrow. I know it's a bit fast > but ... > > That should be all for the moment.
Keep up the good work :) [0] -- Alex Alexander | wired + Gentoo Linux Developer ++