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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] [gentoo-project] Re: towards a more distributed model
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 14:02:47
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] [gentoo-project] Re: towards a more distributed model by Jauhien Piatlicki
1 Il 18/11/2014 14:12, Jauhien Piatlicki ha scritto:
2 > On 11/18/2014 04:19 AM, heroxbd@g.o wrote:
3 >> Jauhien Piatlicki <jauhien@g.o> writes:
4 >>
5 >>> It would be probably good to have in the tree only the core components and move other stuff to the thematic overlays.
6 >>>
7 >>> Then we can have a clear understanding, how things should be: if
8 >>> something is a part of the core system, it goes to the tree, if
9 >>> something is a scientific packages, it lives in the science overlay,
10 >>> if something is a java stuff it lives in the java overlay, etc.
11 >> This is a good idea. One difficulty: how to handle inter-overlay
12 >> dependence? Either the dependency should be expressed by overlay +
13 >> ebuild, or the dependent ebuild should be moved into the "core overlay".
14 >> I haven't figured out a clean solution yet.
15 >>
16 > Yes, this is a weak point of decentralization. We should think how to
17 > solve it. The possible solution is using of dependencies between
18 > overlays (one overlay says, it depends on other). We already have such a
19 > feature, we only need to add more support for it. Example of such a
20 > dependency:
21 >
22 > %cat /var/lib/layman/melpa-stable/metadata/layout.conf
23 >
24 > repo-name = melpa-stable
25 >
26 > masters = gnu-elpa gentoo
27 >
28 > Dependencies on overlays in ebuilds is bad idea I think, as it only will
29 > introduce additional problems. Also think what if you need not a
30 > package, but an eclass or whatever else.
31 >
32 > In addition, one question that emerges is possible circular dependencies
33 > between overlays. We need a way to handle this.
34 As much as I dislike the idea to move development to overlays
35 circular dependancies is not a problem because it's a simple _mutual_ dep.
36 there is not really a concept of before and after at most priority for a
37 package.


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