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From: "Robin H. Johnson" <robbat2@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Summary for 15 March 2007 special council meeting on CoC
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 23:07:06
1 * wolf31o2 posted a temporary version to his devspace, containing suggestions
2 and clarifications from the Q&A session.
4 * vapier has some further modifications, including:
5 - dropping the all caps to regular case text (accepted)
6 - rewording of wanting everybody to be ready to apologize to rather taking
7 responsibility for your actions (accepted)
8 - wanting to involve the ombudsman in the consequences section (not accepted,
9 as the ombudsman is for inter-developer conflict).
11 * robbat2 brought up a set of five conditions to apply to the CoC, given the
12 other input on the mailing lists and the Q&A session.
13 - Conditions #1 (that the document is fluid) and #5 (that council may not be
14 proctors) were added directly to the CoC.
15 - Conditions #2 (working on a more final version) and #4 (regular review of
16 proctor actions by the council) were included in the vote.
17 - Condition #3 (to find a better name than proctors) was not agreed upon, as
18 it was realized that no single title would ever fit.
20 * The motion was called for accepted the CoC with the above modifications, as
21 well as revisiting it next council meeting, and reviewing the actions of
22 proctors during every council meeting.
23 - Passed 6 votes for yes, and 1 for abstain (vapier).
24 - The document was committed to the council project space temporarily,
25 until a better location is found for it:
28 * There was an initial discussion about who the initial group of proctors, are
29 and kloeri and kingtaco agreed to work together on finding them. wolf31o2 and
30 kugelfang were too busy with their work in the 2007.0 release to get involved
31 there.
32 - seemant and g2boojum were mentioned as potential initial candidates,
33 combined with the forums moderators and the #gentoo ops focusing on their own
34 areas of specialization.
36 * robbat2 is working on the implementation of mailing-list stuff from the
37 infrastructure side, linking his implementation plan, and asked for any
38 short-term needs to be brought to him directly until the initial application
39 is ready to go in a few hours.
41 the full log can be found at the normal location:
44 --
45 Robin Hugh Johnson
46 Gentoo Linux Developer & Council Member
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