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From: Matthias Langer <mlangc@×××.at>
To: "gentoo-dev@l.g.o" <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] contents of /dev after initial installation
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 02:38:25
Message-Id: 1133490923.15611.31.camel@sputnik886.ruz-net
1 I'm just a more or less simple user of gentoo who somtimes tries to look
2 a bit behind the curtain, so if you think this posting doesn't belong to
3 gentoo-dev let me know.
5 However, maybe this is interesting to you:
7 Recently i've got serious trouble with one of my hard drives, so that i
8 was forced to move my gentoo root partition from one hd to another. I
9 successfully did so by mainly rsync -av source dest directory after
10 diretcory. However, there are /proc, /dev and /sys which are different.
11 Especially on the /dev part i was unsure how to do this, so i looked at
12 the gentoo-udev guide once again, and found out, that for a working
13 udev, which i can confirm as i'm writing this mail, only the nodes
14 console and null are requred to exist in the /dev diretory initially.
15 That's the reason why i was i little bit surprised as
17 # mkdir test
18 # mount --bind / test
19 # cd test/dev
20 # ls
22 revealed that there are in fact hundrets of premade device nodes in the /dev directory.
23 And this is not only true for the box where i discovered this, which was brought up from a
24 2004.x cd, but also true for the box where i just installed gentoo from 2005.1-r1.
26 Is there any reason for this ?
28 Matthias
31 --
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