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Subject: [gentoo-dev] [Announce] Gentoo Gnome 2 support
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:50:22
1 I'm glad to be able to finally(!) announce the new Gnome 2 Desktop as
2 available in Gentoo Linux.
4 The Gnome 2 release was announced today;
5 Announcement:
6 More info:
7 Release notes:
9 With this we are the first Linux distribution to support the Gnome 2
10 desktop, and it has been many months of quite hard work for me and the
11 others who are involved in getting this project to run smoothly for all
12 users.
16 Installation and Update :
17 The update process should be very smooth for users, and this has been a
18 major caveat for us, but we think we have succeeded. To install the
19 Gnome 2 desktop, you only have to :
20 emerge gnome
22 Portage will care for download, build and installation. If you have a
23 previous Gnome 1.4 installation, portage will stop and complain that
24 "gnome-core" is blocking, to solve this issue you have to:
25 emerge unmerge gnome-core
27 This will remove the conflicts encountered.
30 Caveats :
31 We are shipping Gnome 2 with Metacity as the preferred
32 windowmanager, because sawfish wasn't working for an extended period of
33 time. Sawfish 2.0 works now, but we retained Metacity because it got
34 more testing in Gentoo than Sawfish did. You can at any time:
35 emerge sawfish
36 and choose to use that as your default window manager in Gnome.
40 Compability :
41 Gnome 1.4 Applications will continue to work with your Gnome 2 desktop.
42 Gnome 1.4 Applets will not work, and programs that use applets will not
43 run. This is a problem that we are working on.
47 Debugging :
48 To help the Gnome project in the struggle to develop a solid desktop
49 environment, we ship Gnome with debugging enabled. This will be
50 disabled in a minor update within two weeks. We hope that you will
51 cooperate and help further the development by providing bug reports to
52 the Gnome project. This can be done at or by
53 using "bug-buddy", the automated bug reporting tool. Please, forward
54 your impressions, opinions, ideas and crashes to the Gnome project.
58 Thanks :
59 The build and install process should be solid thanks to a large amount
60 of Gentoo developers and testers, especially Gabriele Giorgetti
61 <stroke@g.o> who helped me on maintaining and updating Gnome 2
62 as well as handling bugreports, and Martin Schlemmer
63 <azarah@g.o> who got sawfish working.
66 Regards,
67 Spider (D.m.D. Ljungmark)
68 Gentoo Linux Developer, Gnome 2 Maintainer and Packager.
69 ( 2 FAQ. And configuration Guide)
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