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From: Bart Verwilst <verwilst@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Fwd: AboutGentoo Linux
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 10:46:25
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3 Subject: AboutGentoo Linux
4 Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 13:48:58 +0300
5 From: Yovko Ilchev Yovkov <yyovkov@××××.bg>
6 To: verwilst@g.o
8 Hello Boy(s)!!!
10 This letter is not only for you, but all the developers. I deside to send to
11 you, becouse I want to ask you for something.
13 But first I want to excuse me for my bad English!
15 So now I can thank you (and all others developers) for Gentoo.
16 I am "advanced Linux user". I am not a programmer or system administator or
17 web developer. I just use Linux for my home & work Desktop. Till few days ago
18 my favourite distribution was Slacware, becouse I like high aalablity
19 customising. But with slack there was some problems to tell it "UPDATE
20 YOUSELF". I tried also Debian. But there is too old pckages. I was thinking
21 obout do start to develop Linux with FreeBSD package system. My fried tell me
22 that there is something like that. Gentoo! I tried it befor few days (on
23 monday) and I fell in ove with it. So now I start to browse your
24 documentation (becouse I install Gentoo on my box). The only thing need to
25 made this perfect distribution for me is missing Bulgarian language. So I
26 will start to learn more about GENTOO and I hope soon I can do somthing
27 little about this. The things I want to take a look is the Bulgarian fonts
28 (we use preferly cp1251 & utf8), bulgarian spellchecker, kbedictionary
29 (bulgarian - english dictionary) & some other little things. I hop this time
30 will come soon.
32 So I want to ask you something. I thought you are developing ebuilds for
33 licq. I emerge my licq and I found that in the file
34 "/usr/kde/3/share/applnk/Internet/licq.desktop" in the line Exec=licq got to
35 be Exec=licq -p kde-gui. May be I am in wrong ... but in my box it work in
36 that way.
38 There may be one other problem but I have no time to test it right now. There
39 missing file "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/microsoft-cp1251/Compose" . Missing
40 of tthis file make crush X server when I try to start KDE for exampla. Only
41 thing we (you) must do is to touch this file.
43 So, thanks boy(s) for GENTOO, and I hope I can help you in some cases.
45 P.S: I've get myself mini CD (3.5'' i think) and burn my GENTOO on it. If you
46 have shipping something like that but with the GENTOO Logo on the side I will
47 beg you to tell where can I bye myself one. It's is very sweety in this way.
49 P.S.2: ot 8.sept. we'll have linux install Fest in Sofia (our capital sity
50 and the biggest town). I will introduce GENTOO under theme "Big power of
51 little distributions".
53 So now it's time to say Good Bye & Luck.
55 Yovko Yovkov
57 -------------------------------------------------------
59 --
60 Bart Verwilst
61 Gentoo Linux Developer, Release Coordinator
62 Gent, Belgium


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