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From: John Nilsson <pzycrow@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Just som blurb
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 19:09:32
1 Hi
3 I just installed gentoo. And thought I share my thouts while there is some
4 =)
6 The installation was rather painfull as I have no cd in my laptop. So I
7 figured I just rip the kernel from the cd and use the rescue.gz as initrd
8 from my existing grub.
9 Nope it didn't work, for some reason the computer rebooted as soon as grub
10 had read the kernel from the hd (that is befor executing it)...
11 Might be some mistake from my side though...
12 What I did was using some old boot/root disks from earlier Gentoo and used
13 as install disks... those had problem with the pcmcia scripts and missed the
14 pcnet_cs module...
15 Anyway, I saw a thread on gentoo-user about some strange mountings. I had
16 similar problems, it appears that when I mount a dev more the one time mount
17 fallsback to mount it as a devfs filesystem...
18 like
19 /dev/hda3 mounted on /mnt/tmp ext2
20 /dev/hda3 mounted on /mnt/gentoo/boot devfs
21 possibly a bug in the included mount?
23 another problem (might just be the disk set I used ...) I created a 200M
24 partition on /dev/hda1 and when i run mkswap on it it just uses 48M
25 (happens to be RAM/2 in my case).
27 Other than that it was a rather painless install (except from som
28 psycological stress from hours of compiling =) (three days acctually)).
30 Well som thoughts... a script similar to that the kernel uses for menuconfig
31 would be nice to have as a frontend for installing everything, any work in
32 progress?
34 One of the reasons for me turning to Gentoo was to let me scale the dist to
35 my needs. This failed utterly in the primary install "emerge system". I have
36 no use for all locales for example... couldn't a script just ask me what
37 locale I wanted?
39 I was untaring the kernel when a thought hit me, if I just had enought files
40 to run the menuconfig and then download kernelsources based on .config...
41 Over all take the gentoo design to the extreem and setup the entire system
42 before download/compile/install so that ONLY needed files got downloaded...
43 just a thought.
45 well well based on what I've said what can I do to help?
47 /John Nilsson
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