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From: Lisa Seelye <lisa@g.o>
To: Gentoo Dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] PHP Memcached APIs, last rites for dev-libs/memcached-api-php
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 11:58:43
Message-Id: 1135857196.20550.27.camel@localhost
1 For a while the memcached community has had several PHP APIs. The first
2 one is represented in dev-libs/memcached-api-php and a more recent (and
3 maintained) version is a PECL version (dev-php4/pecl-memcache and
4 dev-php5/memcache in the overlay).
6 The PECL version is probably the best for most users. It's far faster
7 and has more features.
9 This post is serving as final notice: I intend to remove
10 dev-libs/memcached-api-php from the tree on 2006-01-01 (New Year's Day).
11 If you can't live without this package please make your case.
13 Points against the package:
14 o It's www home page no longer has a download link
15 o Going through the directory of its home page (e.g.,
16 there's no download link and only
17 appears in an "old" subdir with a notice: "There are several notable
18 bugs in the PHP clients in this directory. Newer versions from many
19 people exist all over the web. See the mailing list. (Sorry, I'm not a
20 PHP guy...)"
21 o The PECL version is faster, maintained, and has more features
24 --
25 Regards,
26 Lisa Seelye
27 GPG: 09CF5 2D6B8 2B72B 997A7 601BC B46B5 561E4 96FC5


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