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From: Jan Schubert <Jan.Schubert@×××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Just some Feedback
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 16:00:53
1 Just installed gentoo (stage1-1.4) and i'm very satisfied. Your install
2 guide is one of the best documentation i've ever seen - short and extensive.
4 There are just some very small points to mention:
5 - You should make very clear that tmpfs and devfs is needed while
6 configuring the kernel (you should also mention, that tmpfs means
7 "Virtual Memory FS")
8 - you should include some more examples for CFLAGS in make.conf
9 (Pentium4, Athlon)
11 And the most important thing: Why is there no vi(m) included in the
12 base-system? For many advanced users this is the only usable editor, i
13 had some problems using nano...
15 I've seen, that some ebuilds are not at the edge of the time: Perl is
16 still 5.6.1, but 5.8 is out for some weeks now; Gentoo-sources refers
17 still to a 2.4.19-pre
19 Thx a lot,
20 Jan
22 --
23 Jan Schubert +49-7541-6047-101
24 doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH Jan.Schubert@×××××××××××.de
25 Muellerstr. 12
26 D-88045 Friedrichshafen


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