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From: "Michael J. Cohen" <mjc@××××××.biz>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Proposal: networking startup script rewrite
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 18:55:45
1 After wrestling with our current net implementation to get bridged interfaces
2 and vlans working, which ended in me just setting up things in local.start, I
3 figured a rewrite of our network scripts is in order.
5 I have made a primitive version of the rewrite available here:
8 It is useless in its current state and only provided as an example.
10 The reason for this rewrite is twofold: ease of configuration and ease of
11 maintenance.
13 Here are a few of my ideas for the evolution of this currently primitive
14 rewrite:
16 * all networking related configuration should take place in /etc/conf.d/net,
17 thus eliminating /etc/conf.d/iptables and such
18 * bringing interfaces up and down should be handled by one script that
19 recognizes all possible up and down configurations of an interface, for
20 example, 802.1[d,q] (bridge,vlan), netfilter, dhcp, bootp..
21 * configuration of iptables, ipsec, routing, etc should be handled by the up/
22 down script calling the appropriate /etc/init.d scripts with the appropriate
23 arguments. these scripts would have to parse /etc/conf.d/net or rely on some
24 of the functions in /etc/init.d/net to parse it if the user should decide to
25 start/restart/reload a script individually
27 If anyone has any input, please feel free to speak your mind.
29 I would love to see gentoo become the easiest distro to configure network
30 interfaces for *any* and *all* possible configurations, and I feel that this
31 is the first step to achieve that goal.
33 ------
34 Michael J. Cohen
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