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From: Matt Rickard <mjr318@×××.edu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ProPolice enabled gcc/gentoo and chrooted Apache
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 01:01:52
1 I had previously posted this in the forum, but now that I've made some
2 more progress I'm trying to key a few more people in on what I'm doing.
3 The original thread is available at
4 <>
6 I've implemented a ProPolice
7 <> patched gcc ebuild. This
8 patch will build stack-smashing protection into your code at compile time.
9 This is an excellent security measure -- one that has just recently been
10 implemented in OpenBSD-current. It can be enabled explicitly through the
11 CFLAG -fstack-protector or turned on by default with a separate patch. As
12 I have it now, it is by default turned off, as there are several ebuilds
13 that have problems with it (most notably portage). For more information
14 on this have a look at my site
15 at<>
17 I've also put together a script which will copy an Apache install into a
18 chroot under /var/chroot/apache. There is also a new new startup script to
19 start/stop/restart the chrooted daemon. The script requires apache to be
20 merged to run, but after it has been installed, you can feel free to
21 unmerge the old non-chrooted apache. Again, more information is available
22 at <> . This doesn't
23 require ProPolice, but it runs fine being built with the stack protection
24 if you're interested in trying.
26 I'd eventually like to implement this chrooted Apache as its own ebuild.
27 This script is easier for now, and allows me to do the testing I need.
28 It is also completely parallel to the regular Apache build, just moved to
29 /var/chroot/apache. This might not be the best idea, since we don't
30 really need the obscure file locations/symlinks from the original build if
31 it's all just going under /var/chroot/apache.
33 So anyway, if anyone would like to test any of this stuff feel free. Let
34 me know how it turns out. I'm also open to any suggestions on things I
35 should change or other things I should implement. I would like to start
36 by chrooting other daemons including bind and ntpd.
38 I think all of these things would make a good addition to a 'Secure
39 Gentoo'.
41 -Matt Rickard
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