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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Linux World Expo: Tues 6th & Wed 7th October 2004, London
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:16:46
1 Hi,
3 I've been contacted by the organisers of the .Org Pavillion for this year's
4 Linux World Expo in London. They'd like to see Gentoo attend, and can
5 provide a stand, logo poster, and power for us if we do.
7 More details about the show are at
9 I can't make any commitment to them until I know whether or not we can staff a
10 stand for two days ;-) So, if you can make a firm commitment to help out,
11 send me an email.
13 I need offers of:
15 * devs and knowledgable users to staff the stand
16 (you don't have to be UK based (hint hint German conspiracy ;-). You
17 just have to be able to make it to London for at least one of the
18 days of the show)
19 * kit for the stand
20 - machines to burn Gentoo CDs
21 - machines to run demos & tutorials on
22 * ideas for good demos
23 * help with travel & accomodation costs
24 + anything else I can't think of.
26 I've copied this email to our friends at FreeNode, and I'm inviting them to
27 join us on the stand if they wish - and if we're actually there this year.
29 It's up to you whether or not we go this year.
31 Best regards,
32 Stu
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