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From: "Michael Stewart (vericgar)" <vericgar@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Stabilization of new-style Apache
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 01:54:01
1 The Gentoo Apache Team is pleased to announce the stabilizing of package
2 updates that have been in the works for over a year. Some of the major
3 changes include:
5 - New configuration and configuration locations to more closely match
6 upstream and reduce confusion for users coming from other
7 distributions.
8 - Modules now use a centralized eclass that builds, installs, and
9 displays standard information on enabling the module. This allows
10 easier maintenance of existing modules, and allows us to more rapidly
11 develop ebuilds for modules that are not yet in the tree.
12 - Expanded USE flags to let you choose which MPM is compiled.
13 - A new gentoo-webroot that will eventually provide a gentoo-themed
14 icon-set, error documents, and default website. This has been put in
15 it's own package, and includes a USE-flag to not install the
16 gentoo-webroot into /var/www/localhost - useful if you put your own
17 website there.
18 - And much more, including the fixing of many many bugs.
20 These changes will stabilized on Sunday, September 18th. These changes
21 have been throughly tested and given a thumbs up by many many users.
22 They also allow you to use the new php (including support for php5)
23 ebuilds when they become fully available.
25 Because of these changes and improvements, when you upgrade to the new
26 revision of Apache, you will need to take care of some things. These are
27 fully documented in our Upgrading Apache document [1], but in
28 summary, this is what you will need to do:
30 - Merge any customizations that you have made to the Apache
31 configuration into the new configuration at /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
32 (The configuration file location has changed). Note that the init
33 script for apache checks for a configuration in the old location and
34 refuses to start if you haven't moved/removed it - this is to avoid
35 the possibility of moving to a configuration that isn't right for
36 your machine.
37 - Update any modules that you used to revisions that support the new
38 eclass. Older modules will not work due to location changes.
39 - Restart Apache
41 We have done our best to make it easy to migrate, but if you have
42 problems, feel free to visit us in #gentoo-apache on or
43 on our mailing list gentoo-web-user@g.o and we'll be glad to
44 help.
46 Thanks,
47 The Gentoo Apache Team
49 [1]
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52 Michael Stewart vericgar@g.o
53 Gentoo Developer
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