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From: Jens Hoffrichter <joho@××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Question about dependencies and USE-flags
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:20:36
Hi everyone,

As this is my first posting on this mailinglist, I would like to introduce
myself shortly: I'm a computer engineer, system and network administrator
and general linux geek from Germany, working in Stuttgart in all these described
fields. I'm using Linux sing 1997, used to use mainly debian, but recently
switched several boxes (including my working box on my desk at job) to
gentoo and becoming more and more fascinated of gentoo, especially the
actuality of the software, the only part on debian which I think is not so
good. A couple of days ago my first ebuild (cdtool) has been added to gentoo
and now I'm writing on the next one, software which I used on debian, but
where no ebuild currently exists. So I thought: "Let's take matters in
my own hands" ;))

Currently I'm writing an ebuild for a software called offlineimap, a tool
to synchronize local mail-directorys to an IMAP-Server written in Python. 

The general ebuild is working, but the tool has several gui's, including 
a curses gui and a tk gui. But it does not really depends on Tk or curses,
because it has fallback to other gui's which do not need specific libraries.
But I can not really "deconfigure" the tk-gui or the curses gui, so the
use of USE variables seems not to be correctly.

To file a dependency against Tk does not seems right, as the package does
not really depend on Tk, it just looks nicer. And how I should make use
of the USE variable I'm not sure.

So I'm asking if someone can guide me how I should mark the "soft-dependencies"
in the tool.....

CU all,
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