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From: Slobo <ssl@×××××××××.yu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Want to adopt experimental. LiveCD
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 23:26:32
1 Hello all developers and gentoo users!
3 My name is Slobodan Sredojevic and as member of Serbian GNOME Translation team
4 I found it would be usefull for all our translators to have some kind of
5 Gnome 2.4 installed in order to finish and polish translations of .po files
6 and other documentation.
8 My idea is to adopt Gentoo experimental LiveCD (heard it's great) and put
9 available latest Gnome on it ( gnome beta1 using breakmygentoo ebuilds,
10 official rcX or stable ebuilds) and share to translators. Beside this, that
11 CD should have several programs/tools like KBabel, GTranslator, g(vim), and
12 emacs.
14 1. Is it possible to adopt experimental gentoo live cd
15 (kde-gnome-ccache...x86...iso labeled)? How hard is it all ?
17 If it is possible then
19 2. Is it correct way to do this with livecd-ng tool/script ?
21 3. Sorry ;)) Any plans to release some new version of that livecd these days (
22 just not to download iso if newer and better one will be released soon)
24 ---
25 Thank you,
26 Slobodan Sredojevic, ssl@×××××××××.yu
29 --
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