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From: Chris Gianelloni <wolf31o2@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Seeking questions for a user survey
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 00:17:27
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Seeking questions for a user survey by likewhoa
1 On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 22:53 +0000, likewhoa wrote:
2 > Which DE/WM would you prefer for the gentoo livecd instead of the one
3 > provided?
4 > > Kde
5 > > Xfce
6 > > Fluxbox
7 > > E16
8 > > Fvwm
9 > > Gnome
10 > > Other
12 Can I suggest that we not ask anything that we likely won't change? I
13 have a strong feeling that KDE would win out here, but there's *NO WAY*
14 that we can fit KDE on a LiveCD with the other stuff. When we were
15 planning 2007.1, we had decided to switch to Xfce, simply because of the
16 space savings. Cramming a lot of useful stuff onto 700MB is *not* an
17 easy task. Space is our biggest enemy here. Were we to drop the LiveCD
18 fully in favor of the LiveDVD, then I could see this as (somewhat)
19 valid, as all of those Window Managers/Desktop Environments are already
20 shipped on the LiveDVD (except FVWM). I'm not too interested in
21 people's opinions for the defaults on a media set that includes them all
22 and each is only a click or two away, though, as it doesn't really add
23 anything to what we provide. If it weren't for the size constraints,
24 I'd love to know what people prefer on the CD, so I don't want anyone to
25 think that we don't care. We do. We just are limited by a hard size
26 limit than we cannot do anything about and have to act accordingly.
28 > Do they use grp packages?
29 > > Yes
30 > > No
31 > > What is grp?
32 > > Sometimes
33 > > Never
35 Definitely word this in a manner so people know what you're referring
36 to. I would say something more along the lines of "Do you use the
37 Installer in Networkless mode or GRP packages when installing your
38 system?"
40 > Which livecd(s) do they prefer?
41 > > Gentoo livecd-2007.0
42 > > Sabayon livecd
43 > > Sysresccd
44 > > Knoppix
45 > > My own
46 > > Other
48 Be sure to list the Minimal CD and the Universal CD, as well as the
49 LiveCD, and also list the LiveDVD. We'll have to relate this data to
50 the architecture used when we try to make anything useful out of it, but
51 it'll be more accurate, as I definitely want to know *which* Gentoo
52 media people are using. I would also add something like "an older
53 Gentoo CD" to the mix.
55 > Do you think commercial packages should be part of the main tree?
56 > > Yes
57 > > No
58 > > Why not
59 > > Never!
60 > > in unofficial overlay
61 > > Dunno
63 Is this something that we really even want to ask? I mean, if we're all
64 about trying to provide the best user experience, then binary packages
65 are almost a requirement, especially with binary packages that were
66 originally targeted at specific binary distributions. I tend to see
67 this as one of those "religious" issues that is best left alone, like
68 emacs versus vi.
70 > How often should GWN be updated?
71 > > once a week
72 > > everyday
73 > > every month
74 > > every six months
75 > > what is GWN?
77 Again, you're asking something that I don't think that we should be
78 asking. We couldn't get content even though we begged and pleaded for
79 it. No offense meant to anyone, but I don't care if people want a daily
80 newsletter. If we cannot get enough content, we cannot get enough
81 content. No survey is going to change that, and asking a question like
82 this gives the impression that the user's opinion will make a
83 difference, when it likely will not. I'd much rather not ask questions
84 that the users are going to feel like they were "ignored" than ask them
85 and not make any changes based on the answers. Of course, if you're
86 volunteering to pick up the slack and write any necessary articles to
87 make it happen at the interval decided by our users, well, I completely
88 welcome it, then... ;]
90 > Do you like the Gentoo Linux Installer (GLI)?
91 > > Yes
92 > > No
93 > > Never heard of it
95 I'd like to see the answers to this one, but I have a feeling that
96 everybody has a love/hate relationship with this. They either love it,
97 or they hate it. I also tend to think that *many* people have an
98 opinion on the Installer without ever even using it. As such, I don't
99 think that we'd get any usable results out of this, but it'll still be
100 fun to ask.
102 --
103 Chris Gianelloni
104 Release Engineering Strategic Lead
105 Games Developer


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