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From: Alec Warner <antarus@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Sandboxes
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 00:05:38
1 To hijack the overlay thread, I see a few things here:
5 a) Developers don't like putting experimental stuff in the tree: This is
6 usually because Joe Ricer picks up the ebuild, 'tests' it, it breaks and
7 he files a bug. Joe Ricer has no clue what went wrong or what he is
8 doing and said Developer gets annoyed as hell by Joe Ricer's lack of
9 knowledge/co-operation with regards to bug report. For more popular
10 packages, multiply Joe Ricer by some random two digit number.
12 b) Developers want users to contribute too: Users don't have commit
13 access to the main tree (for good reason, as stated in the other
14 thread). However developers would like users to be able to contribute
15 in some meaningful way to a project/package without the red tape that is
16 bugzilla.
20 a) -> A sub-domain for hosting overlays or
21 'development sandboxes'. Developers want an area for sandboxed
22 development of packages outside of the main tree. As stated in the
23 previous thread this allows faster developer with less overread (QA,
24 changelogs, etc..). These sandboxed areas also allow non-developers to
25 contribute to projects in a useful manner.
27 b) -> Is not meant for public consumption by users.
28 is merely a development aid and not meant for
29 public consumption. Users tend to not know how overlays are
30 implemented. Multiple activated overlays also can cause hard to debug
31 issues as overlays over-ride ebuilds and eclass in each other and the
32 tree itself.
34 c) Overlays may be secured on an per-overlay basis to prevent normal
35 users from both reading and writing to the overlay. For example a
36 project may wish to have an overlay and invite two or three
37 non-developers to contribute. This makes creating small development
38 units easy, while keeping QA the main tree relatively high.
40 This is what I see, and this is kinda what I would want. As an overlay
41 "creator" I should be able to add/remove accounts from my own overlay (
42 to reduce the load on the overlay project/infra ). In essence, creating
43 a bunch of small communities for development.
45 Thoughts on ideas on this somewhat more focussed idea? ( or at least I
46 think it's more focused :P )
48 -Alec Warner
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