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From: MAL <mal@×××××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] ebuild question
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 14:26:00
1 I'm writing an ebuild for ZoneMinder, and I have a few problems/queries..
3 The program is a bunch of php and a few cgi apps. After configuring,
4 the package asks you to run a perl script which interactively asks you
5 for initial configuration, then updates the .php files with this info.
6 'make install' then installs the .php files into your document root,
7 (and the cgi into your cgi-bin dir).
9 Now, I don't want to break the non-interactivity of portage, but I can't
10 just leave an 'einfo' message to the user after install, asking them to
11 run the perl script, because this must be done before install.
13 So, do I either:
15 * Use expect to answer the perl script's questions with some sensible
16 defaults, then leave a message to the user on how to change these
17 defaults after install, (in which case, should I add expect to the
18 DEPEND line?)
20 * Re-package the software entirely, (there is a compiled part and a
21 non-compiled php part.. maybe separate the php part out). I'm kinda
22 loathed to do this, as it seems like unnecessary maintenance.
24 * Modify the perl script to automatically set certain defaults.
27 Additionally, what do I do about the location of apache, and the
28 user/group to set the php files as? :)
29 I noticed the recent eclass submission, but I'm assuming I can't use
30 that just yet, so /home/httpd/htdocs and apache:apache ?
32 Cheers,
33 MAL
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