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From: Mike Gilbert <floppym@g.o>
To: Gentoo Dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Enabling EAPI 5 in arch profile directories
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 22:30:26
1 I have noticed that the arch profile directories (profiles/arch/$ARCH)
2 are not EAPI 5 capable. These profiles are inherited by both the default
3 and hardened profiles and contain arch-specific settings. They are often
4 used to override masks set in the base profile.
6 The base profile already has an EAPI 5 equivalent in profiles/eapi-5-files.
8 I would like to add use.stable.mask to the arch profiles to avoid
9 duplicating entries in profiles/default/linux/$ARCH/13.0/use.stable.mask
10 and profiles/hardened/linux/$ARCH/use.stable.mask. This would make
11 future stabilizations of dev-lang/python easier to coordinate. [1]
13 Is it acceptable to just bump eapi to 5 in the existing arch profiles?
14 This would render the default/linux/$ARCH/10.0 profiles unusable in old
15 version of portage.
17 Here are a couple of alternatives:
19 1. Add profiles/eapi-5-files/$ARCH.
20 2. Add profiles/$ARCH/eapi-5-files.
22 In either case, the default (13.0) and hardened profiles would be
23 adjusted to inherit these.
25 Which option do we prefer? Is there a better option?
27 [1]


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