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From: Nick Jones <carpaski@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] test portage-2.0.48-r6 please
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 07:49:34
1 I need people to test portage 2.0.48-r6. We have some
2 fairly hefty changes to *DEPEND stuff that is going to be
3 (actually, it already is) breaking quite a few packages.
5 End-users should be ok once we get this stable and onto rsync1
6 so that metadata gets fixed, but I need some really heavy
7 testing with everything you can throw at it. /msg me _anything_
8 you think is hoky and I'll look-at/fix it and/or tell you it's
9 right.
11 Ebuild developers and cvs tree users will be affect by this as
12 metadata isn't particularly right with any version of portage
13 prior to this one, but the changes are very noticable right now.
15 ** ** POST BUGS ** ** if I don't respond.
17 Things that have changed:
19 All DEPEND variables are now treated incrementally in ebuilds
20 and eclasses. Neither should concern themselves with the others.
21 Preferably, use DEPEND="${DEPEND} new/stuff" type syntaxes within
22 eclasses if you define variables like that.
24 newdepend is now fixed to properly set up variables for eclasses
25 AND ebuilds and should be freely usable to do so. *** The function
26 of newdepend has changed slightly. *** It no longer defines RDEPEND
27 for anything except '/c' and '/autotools'. Use 'newrdepend' to
28 define it instead. 'newcdepend' and 'newpdepend' are also available.
30 Watch the dependencies that are being put into the cache on your
31 boxes. Make sure things seem right. If you see an oddity or an
32 action that you have to take to get proper results, inform me,
33 post a bug, and see what else it affects if you can.
35 --NJ
38 --
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