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Subject: [gentoo-dev] merging gaim was even worse than pan
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 13:05:09
1 Hi Gentoo Hackers,
3 I've read Martin's post, and I am going to follow Martin's suggestions later.
5 But before I followed Martin's suggestions, I wanted to try to emerge one
6 more thing that I really can't live without -- gaim. The reason for this is
7 simple: I feel I should be able to emerge gnome apps without actually
8 emerging gnome itself. There might be technical reasons why this could be
9 impossible, but I am 95% sure that it should be possible to compile and use
10 gaim without gnome. So I did:
12 emerge net-im/gaim
14 And what followed was pretty uneventful, except the following bits:
16 ---
17 config.status: creating po/Makefile
19 gaim 0.45
21 Allow Multiple Connections.. : yes
22 Build Protocol Plugins...... : yes
23 Protocols to link statically : oscar toc
25 Build with GNOME bits....... : yes
26 Use GdkPixbuf for Icons..... : yes
27 Build as GNOME applet....... : yes
29 Build with Plugin support... : yes
30 Build with Perl support..... : yes
32 Use XScreenSaver Extension.. : yes
34 Build with ESD.............. : yes
35 Build with NAS.............. : no
36 Build with ArtsC............ : yes
38 Print debugging messages.... : no
40 Gaim will be installed in /usr/bin.
42 configure complete, now type 'make'
43 ---
45 Ok, here we see that config is totally wrong. I don't want 'GNOME bits' and
46 I don't want to build gaim as 'GNOME applet' as I have no intention of
47 running GNOME (at least not soon).
49 So, it finishes compiling without any errors, and now I have useless
50 /usr/bin/gaim_applet. Obviously if I try to run it, it gives me a corba
51 error, and although I am sure it's pointless, I will cut and paste the error
52 for the sake of completeness:
54 ** WARNING **: file applet-widget.c: line 955: Corba Exception: type = 2 exid
57 For the sake of completeness, here is my USE variable, as defined in
58 /etc/make.conf:
60 USE="slang readline gpm berkdb gdbm tcpd pam libwww ssl
61 lm_sensors lvm pcmcia-cs alsa
62 nls mmx mitshm
63 esd lcms gif sdl vorbis ogg
64 gnome gtk X qt kde motif opengl mozilla
65 3dnow perl python tcltk java guile ruby mysql postgres ldap odbc
66 ggi fbcon svga tex bonobo nas qtmt aalib oss arts libg++"
68 How I ended up with these USE flags is very simple. I simply edited the
69 default /etc/make.conf, and in addition to the USE flags already defined
70 there, I have added every single flag from the "Other stable USE flags"
71 section.
73 If my USE flags are wrong, it may be a good idea to either change the rc6
74 docs, or provide a better default /etc/make.conf, or maybe both?
76 Offtopic: I just noticed something else, KMail fails to invoke ispell.
77 Weird. ispell is there and it is in my PATH. I did start KMail from KDE
78 application launcher instead of my shell, maybe that's the problem?
80 --Leo


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