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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Install problems?
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 16:53:03
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1 I try to have at least Linux box in my house to play with. I was informed of your site by one of my web-sites ( readers.
3 I downloaded the i586-1.0_rc6 iso and have tried to installed it on my old BP6 computer. Everything seems to go along ok until I get to step 14 Final Configuration (code listing 27) in your Install guide. I'm not I follow what I'm am expected to do here. If I type /etc/fstab: I get the error back file/directory does not exist.
5 I am not completely green to linux as I have been running Mandrake on one of my machines since version 7.0 came out, but I am fairly inexperienced to the raw side of it.
7 I would like to be able to finish installing this so I can check it out for myself.
9 I created the /dev/hdc1 as my 10M boot, /dev/hdc2 as a 512M swap, and /dev/hdc3 for the usr/home.
10 I did "skip" step 14 earlier during an install and when I got to the grub section (code listing 36) it would not except the command root (hd2,0) which should have been my hdc1 partition. It would only except (hd0,0) would should incorrect even by your example in the instructions. If there something else I didn't understand in this area?
12 Looking forward to getting Gentoo up and running, but I am curious if this is at all based on the old GENTUS Linux version that came out several years ago for BP6 systems. I ask because this is the first time I have seen the HPT366 chipset included as an option to set up in the kernel, and the BP6 was the only mb to ever have the HPT366 embedded on it.
14 Thansk for what ever help you can provide.
16 Mike (MTP)


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