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From: Florian Schmaus <flow@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Current portage will now truncate your repo's git history to 1
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 19:23:02
1 This is a public service announcement that the recently stabilized
2 portage version will truncate you repo's git history to 1.
4 While this is a good thing for the majority of Gentoo users, it affects
5 developers that develop in a git known to portage (like me). If I
6 understand the portage maintainers vision correctly, then future portage
7 will assume full control over its configured repositories and
8 potentially perform destructive operations on them, for example "git
9 clean" [1].
11 I personally would prefer portage simply adjusting its behavior based on
12 the owner of the repository. That is, if it's the 'portage' user then
13 assume full control, and if it is a different user, then fall back to a
14 preserving, conservative mode of operation. Unfortunately, for me, this
15 idea was received skeptically at best in a recent discussion in
16 #gentoo-portage.
18 So this is a heads up for fellow developers using a similar workflow
19 like me, that they are probably required to change their workflow to use
20 PORTDIR_OVERLAY and multiple repositories on their system: a
21 system-wide, managed by portage, and a dev repository (in your HOME),
22 scoped in via PORTDIR_OVERLAY.
24 As everyone knows, there is nothing better than to change the workflow
25 that has served you well over multiple years. But apparently the
26 PORTDIR_OVERLAY approach works well for others, so I am confident that I
27 (and others) will be able to make the transition with a minimal amount
28 of ranting. ;)
30 - Flow
34 1: