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From: Francesco Riosa <vivo@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [dRFC] slotted mysql ready
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 01:03:00
1 Background, to make life easyer for people that use more versions of
2 mysql (and just for fun) MySQL is going to be slotted.
4 Currently the slot enabled versions are mysql-4.1.16-r30
5 mysql-5.0.18-r30 mysql-5.1.4_alpha-r30, in short those with "-r30".
7 The few patches needed are already included in current ~ mysql-4.1.16
8 and mysql-5.0.18 but hidden due to SLOT=0, starting from 2005-11
10 An eselect-mysql module has been prepared to create simlinks for the
11 desired version of mysql making easy to switch between them (hopefully)
13 The libraries (libmysqlclient & co) don't follow this logic and the
14 higher version is always the default (similarly to sys-libs/db).
16 The rc-scripts have been modified to use the logic of
17 sys-apps/baselayout net.ethx => net.lo symlink to be able to start more
18 servers at once (this is working from 2005-11 but reworked today)
20 Additionally the ebuilds code has been moved to two new eclasses,
21 mysql_fx.eclass and mysql.eclass, the first own support functions, the
22 last own the src_* pkg_* functions.
23 The initial idea is that when a specific ebuild need to marked stable
24 the code is moved from the mysql.eclass to the ebuild itself, to froze it.
26 Documentation on:
27 o switch to slotted
28 o upgrade with no downtime using this new capabilities
29 need to be written from scratch (this is going to be the more difficult
30 part for me).
32 there is a bash construct the eclass use to retrieve the latest two
33 chars of a string, in the form: MYVAR="${MYARRAY[3]:(-2)}" , is this
34 acceptable?
36 The intention is to made mysql-5.0.18-r30 stable on 2005-02-15 at
37 maximum on the first archs.
39 AFAIK I'm the only one who have seen this stuff until now, any comment,
40 any suggestion is highly apreciated.
43 Francesco Riosa
44 --
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