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From: Pacho Ramos <pacho@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] We need *you* for a USE="selinux" dependency
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2011 11:20:18
Message-Id: 1323083946.3521.2.camel@belkin4
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] We need *you* for a USE="selinux" dependency by Mike Frysinger
El dom, 04-12-2011 a las 17:53 -0500, Mike Frysinger escribió:
> On Sunday 04 December 2011 15:35:50 Sven Vermeulen wrote: > > Since there are quite a few packages that would need updates, I thought > > about first mailing gentoo-dev for feedback and perhaps a first chunk of > > work done. I also wouldn't mind creating bugreports for each of them, but > > that would still be best done after having mailed gentoo-dev ;-) > > i generally don't want to see bug reports that say "please add IUSE=selinux to > XXX package and add 'selinux? ( sec-policy/selinux-XXX )' to *DEPEND". if > selinux wants policies pulled in by packages based on USE=selinux, and that's > the only change needed, then feel free to commit the change yourself for any > toolchain / base-system / vapier package. probably easiest to skip the > revbump and just commit to existing packages since selinux has been deadish > for quite sometime :P.
I fully agree with Mike here, feel free to change it in packages maintained by me (I have seen bluez ;))
> > > games-board/aisleriot sec-policy/selinux-games > > i don't see why this game is singled out. if you have a selinux policy for > all games, then it sounds like we should add this logic to games.eclass. > > > net-im/climm sec-policy/selinux-games > > you sure about that one ? this isn't a game (unless you count all forms of IM > a "game" :p). > > and yes, this list really really should have been sent through `sort` > -mike


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