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From: "George D. Plymale" <plymale@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] possible gentoo convert
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 16:55:24
1 Hi, I've had my eye on Gentoo for some time now. I am a past Debian
2 user and present FreeBSD user. I've thought about the power of the
3 marriage of the two systems and the prospect is rather exciting. I am
4 curious as to whether or not any work has been done in terms of
5 downloading the FBSD ports tree Makefiles and the possibility of simply
6 using a script to strip BSD Make specific instructions out and
7 rebuilding them to fit a linux environment, therefore all of the BSD
8 ports would be immediately available to Gentoo users. This seems
9 entirely possible and is something I would be very interested in either
10 simply using or working with. I am also curious if there has been any
11 work done in terms of setting up a Gentoo cvsup source tree that would
12 allow all Gentoo users to simply run something like "make update" in
13 /usr/src to update the entire kernel tree instead of having to download
14 kernel packages, which is a terrbily lengthy and cumbersome process. If
15 it would be possible to have a "stable" and "current" kernel tree for
16 Gentoo, I think that that would give a great boon to the project. Also,
17 if some sort of structure were set up to allow "make
18 kernconf=MACHINENAME buildkernel && make kernconf=MACHNAME installkernel
19 && make updateworld && make updateports" that would make this even more
20 powerful than BSD systems. These things seem rather simple and straight
21 forward and I am not sure if you have implemented them, they are in
22 planning or need help doing so and thus this e-mail allows me to get a
23 feel for the state that Gentoo is in.
25 Thanks much for the Christmas update, which encouraged me to look into this.
27 -George


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