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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] GTK und GTK2 Use Flag
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 11:36:46
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] GTK und GTK2 Use Flag by "Diego \\\"Flameeyes\\\" Pettenò"
1 On 13:24 Tue 29 Mar , Diego Flameeyes Petten? wrote:
2 > On Tuesday 29 March 2005 13:11, Stefan Sperling wrote:
3 > > On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 01:04:13PM +0200, Diego Flameeyes Petten? wrote:
4 > > > -gtk +gtk2 is a no-op.
5 > > why?
6 > As Brian said, gtk2 depends on gtk.
7 > Just as a practical example, take ethereal, which could be built without gui
8 > support, just using tethereal.
9 > If you build it with -gtk +gtk2, it will build tethereal, not ethereal. I
10 > submitted some time ago a patch to make this a more logical behaviour, but I
11 > needed to change it to suit the same behaviour of other packages. See bug
12 > #81055.
13 >
14 > Take also amule which you can find on bugzilla as an example, which can be
15 > built without gtk support, and on which gtk2 support depends on gtk.
16 >
17 > Or wxGTK in which +wxnogtk flag is used to disable gtk1 support (there's gtk2
18 > flag but no gtk flag).
19 >
20 > I still think this is illogical, but I can't do much on this.
21 >
23 What if I want things to be built without gtk where ever possible, but I
24 want things that have to use either gtk1 or gtk2 to use gtk2?
26 Under the current method this is what -gtk gtk2 should do, since
27 something that has to use gtk won't have a gtk flag, but if there's a
28 choice between gtk1 and gtk2, it should have a gtk2 flag.
30 I don't see how this would be possible under ferringb's scheme, so I
31 prefer the current way (though if ferringb's way of doing it could be
32 modified to do this without getting too ugly I'd be just as happy with
33 that).
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36 djm
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