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From: Martin Schlemmer <azarah@g.o>
To: Gentoo-Dev <gentoo-dev@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] new net.ppp0
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 15:43:30
Message-Id: 1005515296.1616.18.camel@nosferatu.lan
1 Hi
3 I have been working on a net.ppp0 that actually works.
5 The goals I had in mind was:
7 1) Easy to setup. No big hassle for end user or when doing
8 bootstrap.
10 2) Not that complex, but flexible enouth for most common
11 setup's. Should also allow user to use his own config
12 if he require a more arcane setup.
14 3) Should be universal for common setup's.
17 Now, so far it is working for me, but i assume that not all
18 countries/isp's have the same chat scripts, etc, but you
19 should be able to setup something generic that should cover
20 most.
22 In trying to do this, I want to ask developers (also any of
23 our experienced users) using a ppp connection to test this.
24 Also, please dont commit any changes to CVS, but mail me the
25 diffs rather, as I would like to oversee changes until we have
26 a nice stable release.
28 How it works, is the user change the values at the top of
29 net.ppp0 (like net.eth0, etc), and then net.ppp0 uses that
30 to build the secrets files, the peers file, the chat file,
31 etc. This should be ok for most setups I think, and more
32 specialized setups should not be covered by this script, as
33 we are not a newbie distro. This auto gen of scripts can
34 anyhow be disabled, so it will work with specialized setups
35 without a major hacking effort.
37 The main catch 21 is probably going to be with the chat script, so what
38 i would appreciate, is if you are required to
39 make changes, make it to /usr/lib/ppp/chat-default, and mail
40 me the diffs. Try to keep in mind that it should still work
41 for other people if possible.
43 To install, merge ppp-2.4.1-r6.ebuild (masked), and cp the
44 ._cfg_000_net.ppp0 to net.ppp0. Just make sure to backup
45 /etc/ppp/*, as most files in there is going to be overwritten.
46 Also note that /etc/ppp/options is not touched, so other pppd
47 options can be put in there, or specified with the PPPOPTIONS.
50 As im tired, please forgive if not too clean, and feel free
51 to drop me a mail if there is questions.
54 Greetings,
55 --
57 Martin Schlemmer
58 Gentoo Linux Developer, Desktop Team Developer
59 Cape Town, South Africa


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