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From: Christian Axelsson <smiler@××××××××××.nu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Virtual packages...
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 10:01:21
1 Here's a log-snippet from #gentoo regarding my problem with php wants to use uw-imap instead of courier that I already have installed.
3 [16:52:33] < SmileR> hmm.. just a though, meanwhile the portage is growing, wont problems like this
4 be more and more common, I mean, how about having some kind of virtual package
5 system... hmm.. almost like debian, where a package provide ex. imap, but it
6 dosent matter what package it is?
7 [16:52:54] < rvdp> SmileR: similar prob wit openssh and/or comercial ssh
8 [16:53:05] < nils_> SmileR: that exists, for example postfix provides virtual/mta
9 [16:53:08] < rvdp> SmileR: yes, "provide"
10 [16:53:25] < rvdp> they need to stick it where its needed!
11 [16:55:24] < SmileR> nils_: hmm.. maybe all packages that provides a 'service' should be a part of
12 the virtual system
13 [16:55:45] < nils_> Yes, that would be good
15 I think all ebuild developers should have this in mind when they create thier packages. I really can become a HUGE problem if they dont.
17 --
18 Christian Axelsson
19 smiler@××××××××××.nu


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