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From: Gold is Heavy <aeoo@×××××××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] gentoo 1.0_rc6_r12 impressions from gentoo newbie (long)
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 21:44:43
Message-Id: 01100723442500.00464@void2
1 Hi Gentoo Hackers,
3 I've heard of your distro on LT and decided to try it.
5 My overall impression is that this distro really *kicks ass*. I like it a
6 lot! I like portage. There is a good chance I will make this one of my
7 default distros. I think this is just the distro to run if I want up to date
8 packages that are optimized for my box, all without a major hassle, while
9 respecting config files created by hand. I think this is great. I get the
10 feeling of "power" like from no other distro (that I've tried). Alright, now
11 that I've complimented your fine work, it's time to mention some snags I've
12 experienced. I hope to get help, if possible.
14 If you decide to help me, please CC: aeoo blah myrealbox dot com. Replace
15 blah with at sign.
17 1. I noticed that both bootstrap and emerge seem to download then compile,
18 then download, then compile again, and so on. Idea: why not compile while
19 downloading? Is it possible to take advantage of multitasking in Linux
20 kernel to compile and download at the same time? Maybe a simple way to do
21 this would be to somehow tell bootstrap/emerge to download only, in one
22 virtual terminal. Then switch to another one, and run bootstrap/emergy and
23 tell it to compile only. If compiling bootstrap/emerge finishes too soon
24 (before the next download is complete) then it should gracefully wait and
25 continue as soon as possible.
27 There might be even better ways to do this. This would be desireable, as the
28 time spent both compiling and downloading is very considerable (huge). I
29 have 190kbps DSL and Athlon 1333Mhz, and it took me a while to get just
30 the barebones system going. Never mind X/KDE and other goodies I want! :)
32 2. Perl 5.6.0 test complained with this message "(maybe your system does not
33 have a localhost at all, 'localhost' or". I checked /etc/hosts,
34 and of course, it's true: nothing is configured. Then I look at your (really
35 FINE) installation doc, and I do see a step configuring /etc/hosts, but it's
36 way in the future. Suggestion: move /etc/hosts configuration to the front of
37 the installation, OR, change your .ebuild package to NOT run tests while
38 making Perl 5.6.0.
40 3. I've seen numerous complaints about pharmacy package. I bet you've seen
41 them too, but if you want more detail let me know. From memory, one of the
42 errors looked like " error in pharmacy-0.3-1..." another one looked
43 something like this "invalid pharmacy directory in gentoo/portage". If you
44 want the exact error string, I will supply it.
46 4. I was wondering where (and if?) all of the output from bootstrap/emerge is
47 logged? If the output from bootstrap/emerge is not logged, it should be! If
48 it is, I want to know where it is. The reason for this is that I like to
49 leave the box for a while, but then I want to see if any of the packages had
50 errors. I imagine I would want to look at the log file somewhere and see
51 what happened? I didn't read *all* the docs yet, so if this is FAQ, forgive
52 me please :).
54 5. During a very long bootstrap/emerge process, some kind of total progress
55 indicator would be helpful. This is just a minor wish/idea. It doesn't even
56 have to be a fancy visual one. Maybe overwrite some file in /tmp every 20
57 seconds? Just make /tmp/ebuild-progress or something, and overwrite it with
58 estimated time left, bytes downloaded, other stats. Just an idea.
60 6. When I did 'emerge system' I noticed that latest Linux kernel was being
61 downloaded somewhere. So I was pretty puzzled when the docs asked me to
62 emerge it explicitely. Indeed, there was nothing in /usr/src until I did
63 emerge the Linux kernel explicitely. I wonder why? Just curious.
65 7. I get a LOT of "unresolved symbol" errors from depmod. Now, let me point
66 out that I've built my kernel to statically compile with all the stuff I
67 want, and ONLY the stuff I want. I had to unset a ton of junk (why is it set
68 by default? Some things there are hardly used by anyone!). I ran into a
69 snag where IDE driver was setup as a module. Everything was fine after I
70 made it static. I think it should be static by default. Generally, I think
71 default configs can be much better. I am talking about 2.4.10-r1 kernel.
73 So, back to "unresolved symbol" errors. I don't know why I see them. I read
74 that depmod uses file. Ok, so I tried copying file
75 from /usr/src/linux to /boot, and to / and to /lib/modules with no effect.
76 In fact, if normally sits in /boot, but /boot is normally NOT
77 mounted in gentoo, it's kinda weird? Plus, installation doc didn't mention
78 anything about So what's up? How can I fix my errors?
80 I ran depmod -c and I noticed that it's trying to load every module I have
81 (which is not a lot, but still...I don't need any of them loaded at all). I
82 left my /etc/modules.conf empty because all the stuff I want is already in
83 the kernel. I tried putting stuff in /etc/modules.conf, to no avail. I have
84 to admit, I don't know much about modules.conf file.
86 8. Emerging vim installed XFree86 4.1.0?!!! Holy cow, man! I just wanted an
87 editor. I absolutely HATE e3. I wish there was some kind of real vi clone.
88 I know e3 was chosen for its size, but still, I could not do any real editing
89 with it. I couldn't even find how to do search and replace in vi mode.
91 Anyway, I was going to install XFree86 4.1.0 anyway, so it wasn't that big of
92 a deal. But I think something needs to be done about being able to use vim
93 in console mode without X.
95 9. There is a mistake in your installation doc. In Code Listing 21 you say:
97 # mv bzImage bzImage.orig
99 but you probably mean
101 # mv /boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage.orig
103 Not a biggie, but it could confuse someone following the docs literally.
104 Also, you should make up your mind about /boot partition. In the docs is
105 says /boot, but in the /etc/fstab template you suggest /mnt/boot. The docs
106 should match the template file from the build.
109 Thank you very much! I had *tons* of fun with Gentoo :). It rocks.
110 --Leo Lipelis