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From: Adrian Lambeck <adrian.lambeck@×××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Thanks for your feedback
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 17:28:09
1 Everybody thanks for the feedback to my GLEP(35).
2 The discussion about it started on 2005/03/13.
4 What I figured out so far is that some proposed changes are already covered in
5 repoman.That is even better because some of the work is already done then.
6 But how come that there are still trivial errors if half of the GLEP is
7 covered and everybody is using repoman?
9 I agree that changes on ebuilds should be done only by the developers. I will
10 change this point in the GLEP.
11 To post errors to a website and send some mails is just a form of
12 implementation that I do not worry about right now. To use both and let dev`s
13 choose from it would be a good thing though.
15 Somebody mentioned that I am not aware of gentoo dev practices. That`s right.
16 I tried to become aware of it but I could not find anything useful. Maybe I
17 have not found the right documents or there are none i.e. I do not want to
18 read portage source to figure out what is going on.
20 Maybe I should also add some motivation why to do this:
21 There have been some talks about bringing Gentoo to the enterprise. For me
22 this is not important and I do not care but this will never work if the
23 quality is not checked at least to some degree.
25 Also I do not like the mentality somebody put up that was like this: "I don`t
26 mind fixing wrong URL`s - it is a matter of seconds."
27 If you work for some customer (i.e. gentoo users) and they find simple errors
28 that they might fix by themselves. What might they think ?
29 Why not "kill" all these errors faster and take upon the hard things?
30 I hat to open a root shell, fix the error, run the command again (find another
31 error ?), start up firefox, login to bugs, check if somebody caught the
32 error, file a bug .... hope you get the point.
34 It might be possible that i.e. for ONE week one developer is responsible for
35 fixing ALL broken URL`s of all packages (does he really need to know about
36 the ebuild`s content ?). Although I don`t know how many broken URL`s there
37 might be ...
39 Please do not get me wrong like: somebody from "outside" tries to change the
40 system. I love Gentoo and I think it is a great system but there are things I
41 would like to improve.
43 Adrian Lambeck
44 --
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