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From: Lars Weiler <pylon@g.o>
To: ppc@g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] 2006-01-15 PPC meeting summary
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 00:36:31
1 Summary of the ppc-meeting on January 15, 2006, 19 UTC.
4 == 1. 2006.0 release ==
6 profile:
7 * currently located in default-linux/ppc/dev/ppc/ppc32/
8 * small generic ppc profile
9 * G3 and G4 sub-profiles with "desktop"-use-flags and CFLAGS-optimization
10 * new: nptl on all profiles (needed a glibc-fix)
12 We will release:
13 * generic ppc stage1, stage2, stage3
14 * G3 stage3
15 * G4 stage3
16 * minimal InstallCD
17 * universal InstallCD
18 * GRP CD
20 Pylon built testing-stages and a minimal InstallCD. Testers
21 are welcome.
23 If we can get KuroBox and RS/6000 netboot-images working, they will go into
24 experimental first.
26 The 2.6.14-kernel doesn't support current PowerBooks, but the 2.6.15-kernel
27 has some issues with ARCH-settings (powerpc instead of ppc). This isn't
28 covered by several eclasses yet, so that building of external kernel-drivers
29 fails. Instead of waiting for 2.6.16 which will most like resolve this issue,
30 JoseJX will look into changing the eclasses. Furthermore there is a tested
31 genkernel for 2.6.15 and other arches will use that kernel as well.
33 One thing isn't working: splashutils. There are issues with klibc (not
34 stable) and klibc in combination with a 2.6.15-kernel (breaks). An upstream
35 testing-klibc works, but isn't in portage yet. All in all we don't need
36 splashutils and it saves at least 10MB on the InstallCD.
39 == 2. Dev Activity (Who's alive?) ==
41 Devs seemed to have vanished and even the operational manager isn't around
42 (which had happened more often in the past -- probably there is a bane on this
43 position). Several devs don't have a lot of interest in Gentoo any more, but
44 as there is nobody who will maintain their distribution of choice, they still
45 do their job without much fun. But instead of searching for new devs, we will
46 first try to find out, who is really active. Therefore hansmi sent out an
47 e-mail to all 21 devs on the list. Who didn't respond within two weeks and
48 gave a short activity report on ppc@ will be taken out of the ppc-herd.
51 == 3. Open Bugs / PPC Bug Day? ==
53 Currently we have about 70 open bugs for ppc@. Some devs went through the
54 list during the last week and shrank to half of its size. But still, there
55 are too many open bugs. Every dev should use the time before the release and
56 go through the open bugs. Furthermore we'll do a ppc-bugday for resolving the
57 harder bugs all together. Estimated time will be next Saturday (January 21),
58 14 UTC.
60 There are some open bugs for keywording requests, which have been done
61 already. We still need a way to find out, what has been keyworded by the
62 ppc-team and which bugs we can close then. Searching for open bugs while
63 doing a keywording-session isn't acceptable.
66 == 4. Toolchain Updates (GCC 4.1?) ==
68 gcc-4.1 works on ppc and there are only few issues. All AltiVec-bugs have
69 been resolved. A kernel could be compiled and is bootable. It seems to be a
70 good idea for creating a testing-/dev-profile with that special toolchain for
71 further testing.
73 More investigation is needed for autovectorization and libfreevec.
76 == 5. Some form of regular status reports ==
78 We want to tell ourselves, Gentoo and Users about the activity in the ppc
79 team. But how? There are ideas for blog-posts with a subject [ppc] tagged on
80 Gentoo Planet, or via e-mail on ppc@, or even via CVS-logs.
82 For the time, every dev should send regular status-reports to the ppc@-list
83 and JoseJX will take care for the aggregation, a post on the website and
84 notification to the GWN-crew.
86 Wormo asked for some space in CVS where document-drafts could be placed. As
87 the need and also the format are in question, we'll postpone that request.
90 == 6. Hardware support status ==
92 Users asked to release information when new hardware could be supported by
93 Linux. This is usually no special Gentoo topic, but we will add such
94 information with links to FAQ or guides to the status-report or to the
95 website. We won't do a hardware-matrix, as all trials went out too
96 complicated.
99 == 7. 2006.0 Documentation Status ==
101 There are only few changes needed:
102 * profile
103 * kernel (probably)
104 * further OldWorld support
106 Some users mentioned in that
107 our FAQ isn't verbose enough. JoseJX is against including questions which
108 could be answered by google instantly (like "What is Airport?"). The FAQ
109 should be terse. But JoseJX will go through the docs and look if there is
110 something which needs to be explained a bit more.
113 == 8. Open Floor ==
115 Most attendees fall to bed. More than three hours are enough.
117 --
118 Lars Weiler <pylon@g.o> +49-171-1963258
119 Gentoo Linux PowerPC : Developer and Release Engineer
120 Gentoo Infrastructure : CVS Administrator
121 Gentoo Foundation : Trustee


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