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From: Peter Volkov <pva@g.o>
To: gentoo-devhelp@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-devhelp] games eclass has no effect with distutils
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 07:27:07
Message-Id: 1314257154.21876.16.camel@tablet
In Reply to: [gentoo-devhelp] games eclass has no effect with distutils by Nikos Chantziaras
В Втр, 16/08/2011 в 18:35 +0300, Nikos Chantziaras пишет:
> My inherit line is: > > inherit eutils distutils games > > I only have a src_install() function defined: > > src_install() { > distutils_src_install > prepgamesdirs > } > > However, the executables end up in /usr/bin instead of /usr/games/bin > and their permissions are wrong (no games group.) > > How is this supposed to work?
It should work, but looks like for this build system you'll have to customize path for binary files installation manually. Just cd /usr/portage and run find games-* -name '*.ebuild' -exec egrep -H '^inherit.*(games|distutils)+ .*(games|distutils)+$' '{}' \; to see some ideas how to write distutils/games based ebuilds. E.g. games-board/pychess/pychess-0.10.ebuild. -- Peter.