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From: Thomas Kahle <tom111@×××.de>
To: gentoo-devhelp@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-devhelp] epatch and svn
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 15:05:54
Daniel Pielmeier wrote:
> 2009/11/16 Thomas Kahle <tom111@×××.de>: >> Hi, >> I am trying to make an ebuild that uses the subversion eclass. >> This seems to disbehave when used with epatch. >> The problem is that epatch directly works on the downloaded svn-sources >> (in /usr/portage/distfiles/svn-src) When they have been patched once, >> any future emerge will fail because the patch cannot be applied again. >> What is wrong here?
> You should not use epatch in the svn repo (DISTDIR) itself. Patching > should be done after copying the checkout to WORKDIR
Thats true. Actually all that was missing was cd "${S}" I (wrongly) assumed to be cd'ed to ${S} automatically.
> Take a look at the eclass [1,2]. Eclasses for live sources have there > own patching facility. > For the subversion.eclass this should be setting the ESVN_PATCHES variable.
Description of this variable says: "List of patches to apply prior to fetching the sources". I find this confusing. What can you patch before you have the sources?
> I guess this is because functions from the eutils and base eclass > (which provide patching functions) are overwritten from the live > source eclass and the other way round depending on the order of > inheritance. If you do inherit subversion eutils bootstrapping is not > available and if you do inherit eutils subversion epatch is not > available. You can work around this by directly calling the function > from the eclass but an own patching functionality in the live eclass > is more convenient. At least this is my theory :)
Wait a minute. Now that I'm in the correct directory I source eutils before subversion and still have epatch available...? Thanks for theorizing in any case. Looking at the eclass helps a little. cheers Thomas
>> By the way, does an ebuild that uses subversion eclass need to state >> dev-util/subversion in its dependencies?? >> > > Again take a look in the eclass [1,2]. It sets subversion as dependency > > [1] > [2] $PORTDIR/eclass/subversion.eclass >
-- Thomas Kahle The fundamental theorem of algebra is open source. Like any other mathematical theorem it can be applied free of charge and everybody has access to its proof and can convince himself how it works. Why should software be any different?


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