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From: Mike Doty <kingtaco@g.o>
To: gentoo-devrel@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-devrel] RFC: etiquette enforcment
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 20:45:37
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-devrel] RFC: etiquette enforcment by (Tim Yamin)
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Tim Yamin wrote:
>> So, here is my proposal. I hope it's not the only one. >> >> creation of a etiquette enforcement group. This group should be a >> subproject of devrel, but should not be made up of devrel members. I >> say this because the actions and powers of this group need to be >> separated from devrel. > > Who will lead the group? Also is the enforcer's powers limited purely to > spurs on IRC and mailing lists; i.e. behaviour issues and/or repetitive > patterns still go to devrel for discussion; complaints to Bugzilla, etc?
Not me, I feel I can't do it while still belonging to the groups that I'm currently in unless there in a public vote and I'm voted in.
>> - - enforcer sets modes +q troll for #foobar > > Devs (well, ops in the channel) have always had this capability; nothing > new. Also address problem of enforcer himself being an ass on IRC/MLs, > what happens then; we don't want a "that guy did it and he's reponsible > for good behaviour so I can do it too" happening...
Yes, and what happens? someone else kicks the kicker. Addressing a enforcer who acts out is no different than addressing a devrel member who does the same. we try to select people that won't do that, but when it happens we deal with it in the best possible way.
>> Sometimes people need a bigger kick in the ass though, which is where a >> short term ban helps. When I say a short term ban, I mean 30-90 >> minutes. it allows everyone to cool off without them using bad judgment >> and popping back in. I do similar enforcement in #-amd64 and it works >> very well. > > ... making sure that said person is informed of the ban, otherwise it > might be useless and have no effect.
>> 1. any and every action that the enforcer uses to enforce etiquette >> needs to be immediately and publicly documented. as a start I recommend >> sending a email to gentoo-devrel ML. This includes full logs/archive >> pointers. > > gentoo-devrel isn't a database for etiquette violations given that it's > archived all over the place. You need a more appropriate place.
make it bugs or a webpage or whatever. I don't care so long as it's public.
>> 4. if an enforcer has effected a ban on a person/group and the subject >> was a time sensitive topic, then the enforcer is obligated to relay >> messages verbatim from the person/group for the duration of the ban. > > Topic such as? And if it's verbatim what's the point of the ban?
The point here is that in a time sensitive situation that even the troll should get his fair say. This is the best that I could come up with. I hope that someone else can suggest a better way. - -- ======================================================= Mike Doty kingtaco@g.o Gentoo/AMD64 Strategic Lead PGP Key: 0xA797C7A7 Gentoo Developer Relations ===GPG Fingerprint=== 0094 7F06 913E 78D6 F1BB 06BA D0AD D125 A797 C7A7 ======================================================= -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQFEbNzN0K3RJaeXx6cRAleVAJ9a9fwOEW+54AsxpGJHakD4R4uvtwCeOL73 tgFG3yNLkvK6thRRqzyShsg= =uQBK -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- gentoo-devrel@g.o mailing list