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  Bug #377755 - Inform users about the 2Â0-second timeout during CD boot. Currently only for x86/amd64 in docs, other arches please verify and report on the bug!

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 Gentoo using the minimal Installation CD.
 <title>Hardware Requirements</title>
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 Now place the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive and reboot. You should see a
 boot prompt. At this screen, you can hit Enter to begin the boot process with
 the default boot options, or boot the Installation CD with custom boot options
-by specifying a kernel followed by boot options and then hitting Enter.
+by specifying a kernel followed by boot options and then hitting Enter. 
-Specifying a kernel? Yes, we provide several kernels on our Installation CDs.
-The default one is <c>gentoo</c>. Other kernels are for specific hardware needs
-and the <c>-nofb</c> variants which disable framebuffer.
+When the boot prompt is shown, you get the option of displaying the available
+kernels (<c>F1</c>) and boot options (<c>F2</c>). If you make no selection
+within 20 seconds (either displaying information or using a kernel) then the
+LiveCD will fall back to booting from disk. This allows installations to reboot
+and try out their installed environment without the need to remove the CD from
+the tray (something well appreciated for remote installations).
+Now we mentioned specifying a kernel. On our Installation CDs, we provide
+several kernels. The default one is <c>gentoo</c>. Other kernels are for
+specific hardware needs and the <c>-nofb</c> variants which disable