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Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 09:08:42
nightmorph    10/06/07 09:08:37

  Modified:             hpc-howto.xml
  spruced up the hpc guide, punting dead USE flags and fixing redundant installation steps

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--- hpc-howto.xml	19 May 2008 20:56:20 -0000	1.14
+++ hpc-howto.xml	7 Jun 2010 09:08:37 -0000	1.15
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 <?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/doc/en/hpc-howto.xml,v 1.14 2008/05/19 20:56:20 swift Exp $ -->
+<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/doc/en/hpc-howto.xml,v 1.15 2010/06/07 09:08:37 nightmorph Exp $ -->
 <!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
-<guide link="/doc/en/hpc-howto.xml">
 <title>High Performance Computing on Gentoo Linux</title>
 <author title="Author">
@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@
 <author title="Reviewer">
   <mail link="dberkholz@g.o">Donnie Berkholz</mail>
+<author title="Editor">
+  <mail link="nightmorph"/>
 <!-- No licensing information; this document has been written by a third-party
      organisation without additional licensing information.
@@ -35,8 +38,8 @@
 System into a High Performance Computing (HPC) system.
@@ -88,17 +91,17 @@
 During the installation process, you will have to set your USE variables in
 <path>/etc/make.conf</path>. We recommended that you deactivate all the
 defaults (see <path>/etc/make.profile/make.defaults</path>) by negating them in
-make.conf. However, you may want to keep such use variables as x86, 3dnow, gpm,
+make.conf. However, you may want to keep such use variables as 3dnow, gpm,
 mmx, nptl, nptlonly, sse, ncurses, pam and tcpd. Refer to the USE documentation
 for more information.
 <pre caption="USE Flags">
-USE="-oss 3dnow -apm -arts -avi -berkdb -crypt -cups -encode -gdbm -gif gpm -gtk
+USE="-oss 3dnow -apm -avi -berkdb -crypt -cups -encode -gdbm -gif gpm -gtk
 -imlib -java -jpeg -kde -gnome -libg++ -libwww -mikmod mmx -motif -mpeg ncurses
--nls nptl nptlonly -oggvorbis -opengl pam -pdflib -png -python -qt3 -qt4 -qtmt
--quicktime -readline -sdl -slang -spell -ssl -svga tcpd -truetype -X -xml2 -xv
+-nls nptl nptlonly -ogg -opengl pam -pdflib -png -python -qt4 -qtmt
+-quicktime -readline -sdl -slang -spell -ssl -svga tcpd -truetype -vorbis -X
+-xml2 -xv -zlib"
@@ -121,7 +124,7 @@
 <pre caption="Installing vanilla-sources">
-# <i>emerge -p syslog-ng vanilla-sources</i>
+# <i>emerge -a syslog-ng vanilla-sources</i>
@@ -130,7 +133,7 @@
 <pre caption="Installing necessary packages">
-# <i>emerge -p nfs-utils portmap tcpdump ssmtp iptables xinetd</i>
+# <i>emerge -a nfs-utils portmap tcpdump ssmtp iptables xinetd</i>
@@ -259,8 +262,7 @@
 <pre caption="Ebuilds for NFS-support">
-# <i>emerge -p nfs-utils portmap</i>
-# <i>emerge nfs-utils portmap</i>
+# <i>emerge -a nfs-utils portmap</i>
@@ -406,14 +408,12 @@
 If your application require RSH communications, you will need to emerge
-net-misc/netkit-rsh and sys-apps/xinetd.
+<c>net-misc/netkit-rsh</c> and <c>sys-apps/xinetd</c>.
 <pre caption="Installing necessary applicaitons">
-# <i>emerge -p xinetd</i>
-# <i>emerge xinetd</i>
-# <i>emerge -p netkit-rsh</i>
-# <i>emerge netkit-rsh</i>
+# <i>emerge -a xinetd</i>
+# <i>emerge -a netkit-rsh</i>
@@ -623,8 +623,7 @@
 <pre caption="Installing iptables">
-# <i>emerge -p iptables</i>
-# <i>emerge iptables</i>
+# <i>emerge -a iptables</i>
@@ -699,7 +698,7 @@
 <pre caption="Installing openpbs">
-# <i>emerge -p openpbs</i>
+# <i>emerge -a openpbs</i>
@@ -816,8 +815,7 @@
 <pre caption="Installing the mpich application">
-# <i>emerge -p mpich</i>
-# <i>emerge mpich</i>
+# <i>emerge -a mpich</i>