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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 16:58:26
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  Add information on --with-bdeps as per discussion on gentoo-dev

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 <title>Gentoo Linux Frequently Asked Questions</title>
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 <!-- See -->
@@ -204,14 +204,21 @@
 In fact, there is no difference between the various releases after they have
-been installed. Gentoo 1.4 and later are <c>glibc-2.3.x</c> based. As such,
-running <c>emerge --sync &amp;&amp; emerge -uDN world</c> will bring your
+been installed. Gentoo 1.4 and later are <c>glibc-2.3.x</c> (or higher) based.
+As such, running <c>emerge --sync &amp;&amp; emerge -uDN world</c> will bring your
 entire system up to speed with the "latest Gentoo". The differences between
 individual releases lie in the installation medium and pre-compiled packages.
 See the <uri link="/doc/en/gentoo-upgrading.xml">Gentoo Upgrading Guide</uri>
 for more information about profiles and their role in upgrading.
+Also note that the <c>emerge -uDN world</c> command updates the packages you
+have installed as well as its dependencies, but not the build-time dependencies
+(packages needed during builds but not when the software is installed). To
+update those as well, add the <c>--with-bdeps=y</c> option.
 <section id="bootrescue">