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Subject: [gentoo-doc-es] [tarea] Actualización, gentoo-kernel.xml (1.34 -> 1.37)
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 09:31:26
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Proyecto:     Traducción y Mantenimiento de Documentación
 Version:      <ninguna>
 Componente:   Actualización
 Categoría:   tareas
 Prioridad:    normal
 Asignado a:   neuronal
 Informa sobre ello:neuronal
 Actualizado por:neuronal
 Estado:       activo

[rev. 1.37] the--, I mean, *no content change*
[rev. 1.36] Added description of git-sources. Tx to fox2mike for
converting to proper English :)
[rev. 1.35] Gazillion Changes : Removed pegasos-sources (merged into
mainline 2.6), Moved win4lin-sources (Security issues) and
grsec-sources (merged into hardened-sources) into the previously
provided section. Added information on sh-sources, openvz-sources and
uclinux-sources. Moved stuff around a bit to maintain alphabetical
ordering. Added CC-BY-SA comment.



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