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Subject: [gentoo-doc-es] Re: [gentoo-user] ANNOUNCEMENT: No more automatic Reply-To:
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:21:43
In Reply to: [gentoo-doc-es] ANNOUNCEMENT: No more automatic Reply-To: by Karl Trygve Kalleberg
Hello Karl,

* Karl Trygve Kalleberg schrieb [17-06-02 17:17]:
> > This means that to reply back to the list, you will now have to use the > "Group Reply" feature in your mail client (Hit 'g' in mutt or [...]
... put in your .muttrc: subscribe gentoo- and hit "L" (uppercase l) for list-reply. So everyone get's the mail _only_ through the mailing list. Regards Udo -- F: Word? Was ist das? A: Das ist wohl das Programm, das ursrpünglich einmal Text heißen sollte. Da es aber für längere Dokumente ungeeignet ist, wurde es umbenannt. Inzwischen kann es aber bereits 97 Wörter verwalten.