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From: Flammie Pirinen <flammie@g.o>
To: gentoo-doc-fi@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-doc-fi] Status of the Mailing List
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 22:02:46
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-doc-fi] Status of the Mailing List by Xavier Neys
2004-15-09/28/04, Xavier Neys sanoi, jotta:

> Flammie Pirinen wrote: > > Actually it's my crappy distro which is at fault. They've added some weird ssp magic to the packages which breaks everything ;-) > > Using Gencrap 2004.2 as well ;-) > (I really shoud not write that, it's archived!) >
Kewl. Now it's working. Either Stack Smashing Protection is borked, or I just don't know how to use it. Latter is so much more probable that I dare not report a bug now.
> > Usefulness is not defined by volume. > What's the fuss about subscribing to a mailing list? > IRC is not archived and requires all parties to be connected at the same time. > forums.g.o is for users. > private mail is not public.
Ahh, I'm trying to come up with a smooth way for translators to translate and reviewers to do QA, if I can't justify use of mailing list over not using mailing list that step will seem unnecessary. The ideal process of participating is not 1) Register to forum, 2) Register to bugzilla, 3) Register to this this and this mailing list, 4) Register to Freenode 5) Register to get-rich-quick-scheme, 6) start translating/reading. The shorter the merrier. Of course I can leave the list hanging in here and reference it from the participating instructions, but I do afraid that most users will prefer IRC or forum, if at all.
> > Well, it is possible to use this list as -announce, it won't really be more useful than keeping web pages up to date tho'. > > French translators do talk to each other via their mailing list. There is > nothing that could replace the ML. > Have a loot at > > Traffic is low but it is very useful.
It seems to me that the discussion you are referring to would actually benefit if the raw xml had originally been posted to the mailing list. I see that someone has gone through the problem of manually copy pasting excerpts from the xml file anyways, that is, while still functional, also more work. But that's just that I'm less acquainted to working with bugzilla than I am with email.
> > It'd also help if originals had, albeit unnecessarily, lang="en" in them (or even better, mark lang #REQUIRED in dtd, as it clearly is such). > > That's a clear No. > English is the default and that's why it does not have to be in all docs and > why it is #IMPLIED. We have almost 1,000 .xml English files. Try to tell > everyone that they have to add lang="en" because English is not the default > language anymore... >
The updating 1000 xml files is as hard as sedding s/<guide(...)>/<guide\1 lang="en">/gi. English has never been default language, quoting from dtd lang CDATA #IMPLIED> that is, not lang CDATA 'en'> so, there's a bug anyways :-) And someone still keeps claiming xml is well-defined and semantic :D -- Flammie, Gentoo Linux Documentation's Finnish head translator. -- gentoo-doc-fi@g.o mailing list


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