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Subject: [gentoo-doc] Fwd: Typo in
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 09:45:45
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Subject: Typo in
Date: Sunday 01 January 2006 18:08
From: Matt Schneider <malaeum@×××××.com>
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Just thought I'd try and help out =)

I don't know if it was intentionally left there as a little mark by the
author, but at one point the author refers to plural boxes as
"boxen" (good ol' german). Its in the paragraph here:

"Finally, installing all of KDE makes sense if you want to explore the
available packages or are setting up a multi-user environment; however,
most people use only some of the 300+ KDE apps available. Anyone who
really cares about compilation time, such as owners of older boxen, can
gain more time by selectively installing packages than they might lose
by the overhead incurred."


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