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From: Flammie Pirinen <flammie@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-doc] Request for gentoo installer translation help
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 23:09:30
Message-Id: 20060903020837.1a950bd0@localhost
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-doc] Request for gentoo installer translation help by Preston Cody
2006-09-02, Preston Cody sanoi, jotta:

> > > #: > > > msgid " - Unallocated space (" > > > msgstr "" > > > > > > #: > > > msgid "logical, " > > > msgstr "" > > > > > > #: > > > msgid " - Extended Partition (" > > > msgstr "" > > The hard part of combining these is that the strings can be mixed and > matched a whole bunch in the partitioning section. I'll see if I can > combine a few more of those together.
That is a common problem in number of programs. Most common solution is to plain write out all possible combinations, when the number of possible combinations is still not too big. It does often require awkward combination of branches and conditions in the code. If the number of combinations is unreasonably high, or coding the part this way is not reasonable for workability or readability of the code, it might often still be possible to give the format strings (e.g. "- %s (%s), %s, %s (%s)..." or what ever) for these possibilities, that in my opinion help translators, though some people do disagree here. Of course not having looked at source code, the both guesses I give above might be totally unreasonable for this case :-)
> > How are these strings combined? I couldn't find any possible place > > by quickly browsing the screen shots. > > > > > #: > > > msgid ": Settings: DHCP. Options: " > > > msgstr "" > > > > : in the start? > > yeah that screen is all just one big string passed into a textbox, > with different segments with little translatable pieces in them. the > : is there for asthetic purposes. it lines up the columns.
Yes, the main point translator will again want to know is whether he should do something for the colon or not. For example a French translator might figure, that she should insert a space before colon like is common French orthography. In this case she probably shouldn't do it for the first colon, and she needs to know this. If you are using xgettext here, you can help translator with translator comments. Of course another possibility is to drop the initial : outside the translatable string, if you reckon that no translation should change it, which I assume is expected. (I assume it's <>, we are talking about, and sure enough it doesn't display the colon there). -- Flammie, Gentoo Linux Documentation’s Finnish head translator and FlameEyes’ bot <>.


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