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From: "Marcelo Góes" <vanquirius@g.o>
To: gentoo-doc@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-doc] Re: [gentoo-doc-cvs] cvs commit: gcc-upgrading.xml
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:38:20
In Reply to: [gentoo-doc] Re: [gentoo-doc-cvs] cvs commit: gcc-upgrading.xml by "Jan Kundrát"

On 3/1/06, Jan Kundrát <jkt@g.o> wrote:
> Hi, > I'm not sure if it was a lucky change :(, gcc-3.4.5 is not stable on all > arches:
3.4.5 may not be stable on all arches, but it is in x86. Our example is for an i686 compiler, so whomever is not using x86 will have to adapt the code anyway. Now it at least works for someone with a copy+paste, as opposed to not working for anyone.
> And BTW, <note>s mentioning the need to substitute the CHOST/version > stuff *were* already included so the present state of the guide tells it > twice. Could you please fix that?
Hmmm, I agree that for an intelligent person it may seen redundant, but looking at the note: "Note: This assumes that you have CHOST="i686-pc-linux-gnu" set. If you are using another CHOST, please use the appropriate gcc-config line." a) It only mentions CHOST, not gcc version b) The piercing red text explains exactly what to do, while the note is more of an explanation Comments? Cheers, Marcelo -- Marcelo Góes marcelogoes@×××××.com vanquirius@g.o -- gentoo-doc@g.o mailing list